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Sri Aurobindo, Jung & Vedic Yoga

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Sri Aurobindo, Jung & Vedic Yoga is a product of the authors keen study and contemplation extending over four decades. It embodies his deep philosophical insight, keen psychological acumen and profound Vedic scholarship. It is a study in the structure, nature and content of the human psyche approached from three such diverse angles as yogic sadhana, psychological experimentation and Vedic revelation. Paced as they are so distantly in terms of space as the East and the West and in terms of times as the ancient past and the contemporary present, the three sources, though dealing preeminently with one and the same central theme, namely the human psyche are supposed to differ from one another to an appalling extent. With this point of challenge in mind the present author has worked out his way in such a penetrating manner and with such an objectivity that most of such presumptions have got falsified on evidence, leaving thus the way to re-emergence of the human psyche in all its non-spatio-temporal immensity and purity. Thus study is rewarding in as much as it gives an inkling from different angles into the phenomenology of the collective unconscious, the subliminal and the caves of panis, the archetype and the gods, the self and the Atman, besides the relationship between the conscious and the conscious. Vedic yoga is a very special feature of the book worked out in contravention of the entire spectrum of misunderstandings created by hasty generalizations regarding Veda, the paramount basis of Indian culture and ethos.


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Prof. Satya Prakash is a renowned Vedic scholar. He is a Ph.D. of the Banaras Hindu University and D.Litt. of the Aligarh Muslim University; former chairman of the Department of Sanskrit and Dean, Faculty of Arts, Aligarh Muslim University. He has seen an Editorial Fellow in the Centre for Studies in Civilisations, New Delhi also Director of Dharam Hinduja International Centre of Indic Research in Delhi and Director of Vedic Research Centre in New Delhi. He is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards including Ganganath Jha Award of the Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Academy, Rajaji Literary Award of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Swami Pranavananda Best Book of the Year Award in Psychology, Banbhatta Puraskara of Sanskrit Academy, Uttar Pradesh, besides President of Indias Award of Scholar of Eminence. His others works are: 1. Sri Aurobindo and Whitehead on the Nature of God, 2. Sri Aurobindo, Jung & Vedic Yoga, 3. Upanisadic Symbolism, 4. Vedic Symbolism, 5. Life and Vision of Vedic Seers: Visvamitra, 6. Life and Vision of Vedic Seers: Dirghatamas, 7. Vedic Vision of Consciousness and Reality, 8. Yoga from confusion to Clarity (5 Volumes), 9. Life and Vision of Vedic Seers: Kavasa Ailusa; 10. Life and Vision of Vedic Seers: Dadhyan, 11. English Translation of Mahesvaranandas Mahartha – manjari; 12. English Translation of Abhinavgupta Sri Tantraloka and Other Minor Works (9 volumes).

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Author Prof. S. P. Singh
ISBN 10 Digit No
ISBN 13 Digit 9788187471905
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Binding Hardcover
Year of Publication 2014
Edition of Book First
Language English
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