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This volume deals with what are known in yogic parlance as sat karma, mudra, pranayama, pratyahara, Sat karma is purificatory of the body. It includes what are known as neti, dhauti, vasti, nauli, etc. These devices of purification of the body on the yogic line have been discussed in hatha-yogic treatises of the medieval age and are highly useful in the redemption of the body from various kinds of diseases. So is the case with the mudras and bandhas which, however, being purificatory of the body are highly useful in leading to concentration of the mind. While pranayama in the course of yogic sadhana is self-evident as prana and consciousness are closely interrelated. Various kid of pranayama have been deliberated upon in the volume apart from several others that have remained generally unknown so far. It also discusses precaution and safety during the practice of pranayama. Pratyahara is that method in which the sense organs follow the sense-mind on the image held within so that they can get sensations from within thereby leading to the dissolution of the sensations of sense-organs in the sense-mind and finally it gets dissolved in the consciousness or the Self. All these ingredients of yoga as well its basic postulates have discussed clearly and authentically having based on the textual verity on the one hand and scientific possibility on the other. The book is designed to confirm to the course contents of Yoga and will be of great use to graduates, post graduates, diploma, research students and teachers of Yoga and the practitioners alike.


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