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One, who has established control over the asanas, conquers the three worlds. - Jabaladarsanopanisad, III. 13 Practice of asanas removes diseases and brings stability and health to the body. - Hatharatnavali of Srinivasayogi, Chapter III. 5 This volume discusses various kinds of asana, both gross and subtle with suitable pictorial illustrations, textual references and scientific notes on their effects on the body and the mind from both hygienic and yogic viewpoints. Combination of textual account with the modern physiological analysis is sure to be helpful in the understanding of the proper mode of these postures which otherwise are likely to cause damage to the body and disturbance to the mind instead of bringing succour to both of them. It also discusses preparatory asanas for beginners as well as asanas for beginners as well as asanas for advanced practitioners. Practice of these asanas is so described that it prepares one for inner journey. The book is designed to confirm to the course contents of Yoga, and we hope that it will benefit everyone including Yoga teachers, practitioners, researchers and students who are doing diploma, graduation, and Ph.D.


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