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Emergence of Islam in Kerala in 20th Century


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The focus in this work is given to explore and highlight how the various complex mechanisms with which Islam and its ideology recently striving to seek fresh space in a pluralistic society as that of Kerala. This necessitates to view Islam and its nascent revivalist ideology functioning in manifold dimensions the world over, often described “aggressive” by the western power masters. If globalization is an inexorable integration of markets, transport and communication, ideologies as that of Islam also have been marketed more successfully to the outcome of new products like terrorism globally more faster and cheapter than ever before. It is here both contradictions and conflicts arise out of a constant struggle for their mutual existence exposing the inherent weaknesses of traditionalism and revivalism. A religion which has taken the course of a “peaceful penetration” more than thirteen centuries ago, now seems to be struggling by becoming the victims of new revivalism. The knowledge of global Islam increased heavily in Kerala as a result of the import of Pan Islamic ideology and with the mass export of human resources into the heartland of Islam. No doubt that Islam in its formative period was so receptive and accommodative to the region that both the rulers and the ruled welcomed it without prejudice causing to evolve a syncretic culture to the fitment of the social milieu of Kerala. While revealing several such instances of reciprocity, powers of assimilation and synthesis, this volume tries to find out the present day crisis that the Muslims in kerala experience and make feel as strange and queer outside the orbit of its cultural ethos. The western antipathy towards Islam is extensively propagated in Kerala not only as a part of their fight against imperialism, but also to mobilize its followers on the basis of religion and its identity. The neo-revivalists have no hesitation even to highlight


Preface V
Introduction XI
Chapter One 21
Quest for Trade and the Making of a New Frontier : Emergence of Islam in Kerala
Chapter Two 51
From Progress to Polemics: Impact of Islam on Kerala
Chapter Three 77
Struggles for Identity – I : Early Phase
Chapter Four 123
Struggles for Identity – II : Later Phase
Chapter Five 195
Nationalism and Politicisation
Chapter Six 245
Ideology, Reforms and Conflicts
Chapter Seven 311
Tradition Vs. Modernity

Chapter Eight 345
Appendix – I 371
Maunathul Islam Association Ponnani, Malappuram (Kerala)
Appendix – II 375
JDT Islam Orphanage and Educational Institutions
Bibliography 377

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