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An Anthology of Gujarati Dalit Literature

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Gujarati Dalit literature is committed to the plight of Dalit Community, particulary the SC, the ST and the Baxi panch groups. It straightforwardly deals with discrimination and exploitation of these Communities. It emphasizes the theme of exposition of the sufferings of non-high castes people and pays little attention to the forms of literary pieces. It has been wildly criticized for the lack of forms. But Gujarati Dalit Literature is quite recent and to expect perfection of forms at this stage is too much. We can only say that Gujarati Dalit Literature is rough diamond. But more than this, it is the powerful, it will take the care of the form. In this respect selected Gujarati Dalit Literature is the veritable example of the theme that takes the form at the same time.
This Anthology contains the creative writings by Dalit writers because they have direct experiences and realizations of Dalit Communities. But it does believe that non-Dalit writers can also produce Dalit Literature provided they have Commitment to dalit experience and dalit ideology. However, due to paucity of pages, the wiritings of non-Dalit Literature could not be included in this anthology. The editor regrets it.
Though Gujarati Dalit Literature is inspired by Dr. Ambedkar’s ideology and Marathi Dalit Literature, It has its own independent identity. A few Comparatively young and moderately Gujarati Dalit poets and writers, exposed to national and world literature, dedicate themselves to neglected areas of experiences in literature of the time. They decide to expand the horizon of literature, they explicated the vision of treating a Dalit at least as a Human being. This vision, It is sure, will be helpful to the reasearchers, professors, general readers and a Common man without fail.

Acknowledgements v
Introduction 1
Neerav Patel
1. Parveen Gadhvi
Farewell to Arms 37
My Shadow 38
Brainwash 39
2. Dalpat Chauhan
Untouchable 41
The Conversation on a Magshar Night 43
The Tortured Time 44
3. Shankar Painter
From Broom to Mouth 46
A Journey by Bus Down the Countryside 47
4. Harish Mangalam
The Valley 48
A Complaint 49
5. Sahil Parmar
Conversation with Wife 50
When I was born 51
Mother, give me moon 53
6. Bhi. Na. Vankar
Overbridge 54
Misfortune 54
In a Chawl of Closed Mills 55
Honour be to You 56
7. Yashwant Vaghela
Identity 57
Mummy 57
8. Shamat Parmar
Self-Pride 58
9. Neerav Patel
The Song of Our Shirt 60
Exiled Flowers 61
Kaliyo 62
10. Raju Solanki
To Walk on the Feet Mattered Most 64
The Dalit Ghetto 65
The Two Divers 66
11. Raman Vaghela
Harsh Destiny 67
12. A K Dodiya
Talk About 68
You Write 69
13. Purushottam Jadav
Do Something 70
The Corpse 71
You Awake, My Sister’s Son 72
14. Jayant Parmar
The Stink of the Hellpit 73
The Portrait 74
15. Kisan Sosa
The Inheritance 75
Do You Hear It? 76
You Too 77
16. Pathik Parmar
Why Don’t You Write? 78
Gokul and Kaniyo 79
17. Madhukant Kalpit
Awareness 80
The Movement Day 80
18. Shyam Sadhu
When the Sixth Sense Awakens 81
19. Harjivan Dafda
Ghazal 1 82
Ghazal 2 82
Ghazal 3 83
20. Buddhidhan Visnagri
Equal Lines 84
21. Bipin Gohil
To the Fading Man I Sing 85
To A Poet at a Mushaira 86
22. Dan Vaghela
Eklavya Day 87
Another World 88
23. Usha Makwana
Blessed Harijan 89
24. Meena Kamle
Waiting 90
25. Priyanka Kalpit
Cold-blooded Murder 91
26. Parbat Parmar
In Memoriam – Narayan Dhule 92
27. The Stable
Mohan Parmar 95
28. Dasharath Parmar
Transposition of Body 108
29. Dalpat Chauhan
Cold Blood 115
30. Harish Mangalam
Faith 122
31. Dharmabhai Shrimali
The Hell 128
32. Jasumati Parmar
Queen of Black 133
33. Neerav Patel
Creamy Layer 138
34. Joseph Macwan
Angaliyat 149
35. Mohan Parmar
Daya Pashani Vadi 157
36. Daxa Damodara
Savitri 161
37. B. Kesharshivam
Spearlike Pain 172
38. Harish Mangalam
Flame of the Heat 211
39. Mohan Parmar
A True Saga of Satyanarayana 223
40. Dalapat Chauhan
At the Pasture of Patan 240
41. Harish Mangalam
Switch it on Now! 290
42. Lalit Parmar
Aatmakatha 303
43. Khemchand Chavda
Many Remembrances of Past 310
44. Vitthal ‘Rai’
Ektara Goes on Ringing 320
45. Vinubhai H. Bhairaviya
The Destination of Freedom – Still Miles to Go 325
46. Neerav Patel
What Did I Do – To Be So Black and Blue 329
Select Bibliography 334
Index 336

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