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Sri Tantraloka is a magnum opus of Abhinavagupta. This is the first time complete English translation of this book of Abhinavagupta -- translated by Professor Satya Prakash Singh and Swami Maheshvarananda; Foreword by Dr. Karan Singh. Apart from the translation of Sri Tantraloka, these volumes also contain the translation of 13 other works of his. Volume IX is the translation of important books of non-dual Saivism earlier known tryambakam system. The topics of each volume are:
Abhinavagupta’s Sri Tantraloka and Other Works:

Volume I:

Chapters 1 to 3 --
“Difference Between Consciousness and Reality Apparent to the Onlooker; Deliberation on The Highest Goal of Life; Method of Expositing Oneself to Sambhu.”

Volume II:

Chapters 4 to 7 –
“Sakta Upaya; Anava Upaya; Essence of Time; and Origin of Cakras and Process of Arousal”

Volume III:

Chapter 8 to 9 –
“Desadhva - Manifestation of Consciousness in Terms of Space"; "Exposition on the Constituent Elements of the Reality”.

Volume. IV:

Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13 --
"Tattvädhvan - Analysis of Basic Essences of the Path of Tattvas"; "Deliberation on Time and Kala"' "Anavopaya - Transformation of Individual to Siva-hood"; and "Deliberation on the Descent of the Force of Consciousness - Saktipata".

Volume V :

Chapters 14 to 15 --
"Deliberation on the Rite as Prescribed in the Sastra" and "Detailed Deliberation on the Process of Initiation."

Volume VI :

Chapters 16 to 27 --
“Deliberation on Teacher's Acts During Initiation”; “Rite of Initiation Beginning from Birth”; “Abridged form of Initiation Prescribed by Lord Siva”; “Initiation for Immediate Liberation”; “Process of Initiation of the Ignorant”; “Initiation in Absentia (Paroksa Diksa)”; “Initiation in Raising the Emblem of Siva (Lingoddharana Diksa)”; “Rite of Sacred Bath”; “Deliberation on Post-Mortem Initiation”; “Post-Mortem Rite According to Trika System”; “Duties and Conduct of an Aspirant”; “Mode of Worship of the Emblem (Linga-Puja).”

Volume VII :

Chapters 28 to 29 –
“Deliberation On Incidental Rites And Celebrations (Naimittika)” and “Secret of Kula System”

Volume VIII :

Chapters 30 to 37 –
“Mantras Applicable to Trika System of Worship”; “Deliberation on Mandalas”; “Mudra”; “Unification of Divine Forces”; “Individualistic Approach to Siva-Hood”; “Concordance of All Scriptural Provisions”; “Tradition of Saivism”; “Conclusion and Deliberation”. This Volume also contains the English translation of 13 other works of Abhinavagupta, namely, “Parmarthasara - Essence of The Supreme State of Being”; “Dehastha-Devata-Cakra-Stotram -- Hymn to The Human Body as a Temple of Divinities”; “Pancasloki Stotra”; “Paramadvayadvadasika”; “Bimbapratibimbavadah -- Talk About the View of Reflection”; “Bodhapancadasika -- Fifteen Verses on Consciousness”; “Bhairava Stotram”; “Mahopadesa-vimsatika”; “Rahasya-Pancadasika”; “Krama Stotra”; “Anuttarastika”; “Paramarthacarca -- Deliberation on the Supreme Objective of Life”; “Anubhavanivedanam -- Tribute to the Inner Experience”

Volume IX :
Translation of important texts/books of Kashmir Saivism -- Malinivijayottara Tantra (Chapters 1, 2, 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 21; 22; 23); Vijnana Bhairava; Sri Svacchanda Tantram (Patala/Chapter VII related to prana); Sri Netra Tantram (Chapter VII and VII related to Yoga); Siva Sutra; an exhaustive Glossary of Tantric words.


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