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ABC'S of Indian National Education


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Indian education must be rooted in the developing soul of India, to her future need, to the greatness of her coming self-creation, to her eternal spirit. A truly nationalist education and curriculum are always inclusive in nature, and mindful of the great diversity that makes One India. Our Education must help children and educators develop love for their nation and a wide, universal appreciation of the diversity in the nation and the world.
This book is meant for general audiences and is written in a reader-friendly voice. Much of the inspiration and deeper thought guiding this work comes from the thought and works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
This book introduces 26 themes – each for a letter of the English alphabet – that according to the author should guide, shape or be a part of an Indian National Education. These themes speak of some selected aspects of the essential Indian spirit and may also shed some light on the forms through which this spirit could express itself in educational practice. Some of these could be of greater interest to educators and parents, while others may give educational thinkers some food for thought.
In a larger sense this book speaks of the need for rethinking some of the fundamentals and philosophical foundations of an Indian National Education. At the same time readers may also be able to find some hints on curriculum restructuring, pedagogical innovations and administrative reform.


Foreword 11
Introduction 13
Gratitude 19
A – Aim of Education 21
B – Beauty, A Beautiful Education 25
C – Chaturvarna, Four Temperaments or Four Personality Types 30
D – Diversity 33
E – Educe, Evoke 38
F – First Principle of True Teaching 41
G – Gradual, Law of Graduality, Guidance, - an Inner Guidance 45
H – History and Heritage 51
I – India, How to Teach about India 56
J – Joy of Discovery 62
K – Knowing Oneself 66
L – Language 69
M – Mental Education 77
N – Near, From Near to Far 82
O – Opportunity “Opportunity to Develop All that is Best in the Nature” 85
P – Personality of a Teacher 89
Q – Questioning 92
R – Reason 99
S – Stories 104
T – Teacher, the Seeker 112
U – Unity in Diversity and the Indian-ness 116
V – View, Indian View of Life 121
W – Way to Integrate the Spiritual and the Secular 126
X – (X) Cross-Cultural Learning, the Indian Way 132
Y – Young 138
Z – Zero and Infinity 141
Key Works Cited 149
Index 151

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